5 Confessions of a School Librarian


Here are five things you might not want to know about me.

1.  I swipe coupons from the Sunday paper

Every Monday morning, our school receives the Monday newspaper bundled with the Sunday paper.  And every Monday morning, before anyone else has a chance to look at the paper, I swipe the Sunday grocery coupons.

2.  I buy jelly beans to pass out to students, but I eat most of them myself.

I try to resist.  Really!  I may muster up enough willpower to resist for a day or two, but I’m weak.

3.  Sometimes I hide in the stacks.

My layout of my current library doesn’t really allow me to do this, but I hid in the stacks at a previous school.  Sometimes it was from a specific student or co-worker, but usually I just wanted a moment of peace and quiet.

4.  The order of patrons in the holds list doesn’t mean much.

Never forget I posses the power to override!  If you consistently bring your books back 3 months late, I’ll bump you to last place in the holds queue.  If you’re really nice, and I know you’ll actually come pick up your hold, I might bump you up.  Think of it as the library equivalent of getting bumped to first class.

5.  I don’t like to read fiction.  But I like when you read fiction.

I think I’ve read only three fiction books in the last three years.  One was the Hunger Games.  The other was Twilight.  Shameful, I know.  I just prefer non fiction.  But I do enjoy choosing fiction books I think you’ll like, and I love when you let me know I picked a good one.

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One thought on “5 Confessions of a School Librarian

  1. Hilarious! We need to get together… Btw do you have to buy the jelly beans or is it a budgeted item? ;) I found out the same thing about our leftover Halloween candy…

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